Guild building

trade in tauri world is a very important strategic aspect and can be a key to the victory.

Through the Trade Guild, the game offers the possibility of conducting trade between the player’s own islands and between islands of other players (including the exchange between allies.)

  • Many trading options require free porters to carry raw materials.
  • Each porter has limited capacity.
  • The level of the Trade Guild building influences the number of available porters.

the player has the following business opportunities:

  • Market - allows buying and selling units and raw materials between players for Guild Cash. The player offering Guild Cash to other player must pay an additional, small fee in Guild Cash. This option does not require porters. The seller can create up to 25 offers. There is also a limit of 5 offers from the same island.
  • Between players - allows to send raw materials to fellow alliance members for free
  • Auction - allows to define an exchange option, ie.: Offering 20 000 Crystal for 100 000 Metal. The offer can be accepted by any player who meets transporting requirements for his amount of goods.
  • Between my islands - allows to transport raw materials between player’s own islands.
  • Direct Exchange - allows to send raw materials directly to any player. This option does not require porters, but the player sending raw materials must additionally pay a small fee in Guild Cash.

The player receives confirmation of all commercial activities in the form of a message in the Trade section at the player’s messages screen.