In a Senate building there are plenty of options for managing an alliance the player belongs to. Of course, an Alliance owner has much wider possibilities than other alliance members.

There is an internal forum only available for alliance members - a great place to discuss strategy and other internal affairs.

The founder of the Alliance and some other members, holding appropriate rights, will be able to grant certain ranks to other members of the alliance. common ranks include:

  • Diplomat (non-aggression pacts, starting wars, removal of members)

  • Ambassador (admission of new members to the alliance)

  • General (has access to the statistics of the alliance, can start wars)

The alliance founder (owner) has of course all those options as well. additionally, he/she will be able to change the name of the alliance, and to determine the names of internal ranks and the scope of their rights.

Rank names and the rights attached to them are an open issue, governed by internal rules of the alliance.

Administration of the alliance gives the player an opportunity to exercise complete control over the alliance settings (change the name of the alliance, forum moderation, rank giving, organization of meetings in order to create a common strategy).

Options available to the administrator:

  • Delete an alliance
  • Forward an Alliance
  • Invite (the parameter is the user’s name)
  • Throw out (the parameter is the user’s name)
  • Send a message
  • Declare a war (declaring a war and providing the number of points necessary to end the war)
  • Create a non-aggression pact
  • End a war
  • Accept the proposal to end the war
  • Accept a non-aggression pact
  • Break a non-aggression pact
  • Declare a ceasefire
  • Accept ceasefire
  • Break a ceasefire

All members of an alliance have an insight into the alliance’s wars and non-aggression pacts. These events are presented as a list. Name of other involved alliance is mentioned there along with the number of points necessary to end the war.

The benefits of belonging to an alliance:
- closer contact with players, who share valuable tips or just a nice company online
- a chance of additional support of your islands from your allies
- an opportunity to exchange of raw materials between allies (some players may specialize in delivering resources while others take on the duties to defend their fellow alliance members
- acting together to meet strategic goals