Interplanetary ship

In Tauri World we distinguish two types of colonization:

  • local colonization (within a single planet)
  • global colonization (enabling colonization of other planets)

Local colonization is a colonization of islands on one planet. One player can have a maximum of eight islands on a planet. This type of expansion is available for the player who has developed enough infrastructure to be able to build a colony ship. Then the player is able to colonize any uninhabited island, thus extending through this his influence.

WARNING: The colonization ship is destroyed during the colonization process. All the transport ships in the colonizing fleet are destroyed as well. These effects apply both to regular and interplanetary colonization.

Global Colonization requires very advanced technological facilities and infrastructure. It allows the player to be actively visible on other planets. The interplanetary ship makes it possible to colonize other planets - it has large transportation capacity, so using it we can quickly transport other ships and units. With the interplanetary ship it is necessary to have a Navigator (bonus).

Colonization of other planets is possible under some conditions:

- Possession of necessary technology
- Possession of an Interplanetary Center
- Possession of an Interplanetary Ship
- Possession of three engine modules for the Interplanetary
- Ship Possession of a Navigator

Colonization takes place in a random way. It means that the player cannot decide which planet he wants to colonize. However, the take-off of the interplanetary Ship carries a risk of losing the unit and its engines.

This risk can be reduced gradually by investing in the development of rocket engine technology.

You can send only one interplanetary ship from a given platform at a particular time. Following the colonization, the player can develop another island. If the player reaches a high level of infrastructure on the other island, e.g. he/she manages to build an interplanetary center, he/she can send interplanetary ships in a controlled, risk-free manner.

These ships have a specific loading capacity, and through them the player can transport land units, ships and heroes. the interplanetary ship is capable of flying between planets, and therefore has no ability to move between platforms within a single planet.