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TAURI WORLD is a real-time game with an extensive dependency system and a multi-layered structure. In TAURI you can find over 20 types of buildings, and over 25 types of units - defense systems, aircraft and land units.

A unique system of colonization has been created to give players the opportunity to settle up to 8 islands on each of 3 available planets.

Heroes and Bonuses

Heroes and Bonuses

Heroes and bonuses simplify the game.

Thanks to bonuses, you can produce buildings, units and technologies more quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Heroes improve certain units during a battle.

Development of an Island

    Each new island has the following buildings ready (at the first level each):
  • Sawmill,
  • Ironworks,
  • Windmill,
  • Warehouse.
There are also flags on the island, indicating places where other buildings can be constructed.
Main View - the Island

Raw materials

In the TAURI WORLD game you have four basic raw materials which allow you to develop. They are:

Raw materials visible in the upper game menu

  • 1. Wood
  • 2. Metal
  • 3. Crystal
  • 4. Energy

Sawmill produces raw wood.

IronworksIronworks produces raw metal.

Crystal mineCrystal mine extracts raw crystal.

WindmillWindmill produce raw energy.

At the beginning, the player can change the rate of Wood and Metal gathering (later a new material - Crystal - becomes available as well) using sliders - they appear when a player moves the mouse cursor over the raw materials control panel.

Raw material with sliders, visible on mouseover

If the gathering rates are set too high, the Energy will be drained. The best strategy is to keep resources gathering rate balanced, so that each of resources is acquired at similar pace most of the time.


This is a centre of an island. Each level of the city speeds up constructing of other buildings on that island. In addition, here you can change the name of the current island. To do this, click on Change the Name of the Island.


There is a place from which you can control your fleets, located in the lower left corner of the island view. Click it to enter a screen where you can create, review and managage fleets (you can manage your fleets as well as see allied and enemy fleets connected to your islands - on differents tabs inside Fleets screen).

Fleets icon where no fleets are available on the current island:
Fleets icon where no fleets are available on the current island

Fleets icon where there are fleets available on the current island:
Fleets icon where there are fleets available on the current island

The Map


By controlling the map, you control your islands. You can also watch and spy on enemy islands and share your fleets with allied islands.

On the map you’ll see the degree of development of an island, check the activity of a specific player or damages inflicted upon the areas around islands being at war.

You will find more information in the section Navigation Map