Navigation Map


The General Map

A small portion of a general map

The General Map if colorful and allows you to observe all islands and see if any of them is taken (those are colored) or free (those are greyed out). The taken island icons also shows the general stage of infrastructures built on it.

  • A green star means the player is currently logged in
  • A black star means the player is not currently logged in
  • A blue star means the player has not been logged in for 7 days
  • A black dot indicates debris you may take into possession by the use of Debris Collector.
  • Red rim means an ally’s island
  • Orange rim means your own island

On the map there are also deposits, which we are able to control. Control is done via a refinery ship. All the time, however, we can lose control over the deposits, because other players can carry out an effective attack on our deposits.

Actions that can be taken by clicking on the island:

  • Go to - available if the island belongs to the clicking player, allows to open quickly the main screen of this island; this option is available as well for the deposit controlled by clinking player, in this case it opens the list of fleets stationing there
  • Move island here
  • Attack
  • Attack platform
  • Send missiles
  • Send a reconnaissance ships
  • Send spies
  • Send spy balloons
  • Transport
  • Collect debris
  • Send a message

Changing the map from the general to strategic view and vice versa keeps the map position (it remains centered on the same sector).

The Strategic Map

A small portion of a strategic map
The map features a couple of interesting functions, such as:
  • Indication of islands to which you gave your support - islands are highlighted in green
  • indication of islands which gave you support - islands are marked in yellow
  • indication of your allies’ islands - islands are marked in blue
  • indication of enemy’s islands and mineral deposits - islands are marked in rose
  • Your islands - the islands are marked in orange
  • indication of your cannons’ range - marked in pink around your islands
  • Indication of spy balloon’s range - marked in blue around your islands

An additional functionality of the expanded map is displaying information about the island (after clicking on it) - the name of the island is shown in a tooltip, its alliance and the potential quantities of scrap located on it. The conceptual map also includes information about the current actions taken by you and other players. You can navigate the map by using the arrows located on the side of the map. By clicking on them you can freely change the scanned areas.